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Dive into the future of plastics with Ningbo Yonghua Machinery

Are you looking for cutting-edge plastic injection molding machines that will revolutionize your production?
Now is the time to discover the wonders of technology with Ningbo Yonghua, your trusted partner for modern and highly efficient plastic injection molding machines!

Our range of new plastic injection molding machines sets the standard in the industry. Here's what makes our machines an irresistible choice:

  • Technological Perfection:
    Our machines are the result of superior engineering and innovation. With the latest technical achievements, we provide you with machines that guarantee precision, speed and consistency in every product.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    We stand for the preservation of nature. This is why our machines are optimized for maximum energy efficiency, which not only reduces your costs, but also your environmental footprint.
  • Easy to Use:
    Whether you are a seasoned expert or a beginner in the world of plastic injection molding, our machines are designed to be easy to use and maintain. Minimum training time, maximum productivity!
  • Reliability:
    Ningbo Yonghua is synonymous with reliability. Our reputation in the industry is built on years of experience and flawless performance of our machines.

Our team of experts is here to provide you with support and advice in choosing the machines that will best suit your needs. Together, we are creating a better and more sustainable future for the plastic injection molding industry. Find out more about our offer here. Ningbo Yonghua - your partner to success!



Yonghua YE series model is a self-developed all-electric injection molding machine.  Equipped with a mechanical structure suitable for high-speed and high-precision operation, equipped with a high-speed service control circuit, it is suitable for the plastic processing industry that pursues high efficiency and high production technology and high requirements.

Gathering the most advanced drive and transmission technology, combined with rich molding professional technical requirements, combined with the simple and easy-to-use humanized design concept, and adopted modern digital processing technology, it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, high speed and high efficiency, precise control, reliable operation, convenient operation, etc.  Performance, to the maximum extent to meet the various requirements of customers for machine stability, production efficiency, environmental protection performance.

It is widely used in various fields of plastic processing industry, especially in electronic and electrical products, photoelectric digital products, auto parts and aviation products, medical and food packaging, cosmetic packaging, plastic toys, sports and leisure equipment, optics and other industries.

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The injection part adopts a linear guide rail structure, which is stable, efficient an energy-saving.

It can meet the requirements of high-precision product molding, improve the injection speed and response, significantly improve the molding quality and precision.

The latest "excellent" integrated computer is used to comprehensively improve the positioning accuracy and improve the overall operation stability.

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You can buy used machines and molds (tools) for plastic injection here.
For each machine in the list it is stated whether it is in working condition or is defective.



Look for details on the manufacturer website: YH98/JS-E3 Electric injection molding machine. Closing force: 980kN Weight (t): 3,3t Max. mould height: 380mm

Brand new machine.



Look for details on the manufacturer website: YH158/JS-E3 Injection molding machine Closing force: 1780kN Weight (t): 4,6t Max. mould height: 520mm

Brand new machine.